Student Success with Your Library

Are you getting ready to head back to school?  Don't forget your library card!  Whether you're a student or an educator, we've got you covered!  Read on to discover how your library card is the most important school supply of all.  With resources for students, educators, homeschool students & educators, and everyone else, your library is here to support your success.

For the Students

Did you know that all students enrolled in a public school in Bossier Parish automatically receive a Student eCard with us as part of our student success initiative?  This is a virtual library card that gives you immediate access to digital resources provided by Bossier Parish Libraries.  For more information about your Student eCard, how to determine your library card number and PIN, or how it works, please visit our Student Resources page.

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For the Educators

Our educator resources are designed to support our educators and make it easy to share library materials with your students so they can succeed.  Bossier Parish Libraries now offers an Educator Card that allows you to check out more items for a longer period of time so you can use them to support your classroom curriculum.  You can also submit assignment alerts for upcoming assignments so the library can gather needed resources to have ready for your students.  Want to bring your students to us for a field trip or have our librarians visit your class?  You can also submit a request for a field trip or visit!  For more information about your Educator Card, how to get one, or how it works, please visit our Educator Resources page.

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For the Homeschool Students & Educators

If you are a homeschool student or educator, we haven't left you out!  Home educators are also eligible to receive an Educator Card and to request field trips.  Additionally, some of our branches offer homeschool groups where you can come together with other home educators in your community to collaborate.  Some of our library programs and events can count toward some of your educational requirements as well.  To see a list of all upcoming events, please check out our library calendar.

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Free Tutoring, Research Help, & More!

That's right--your library offers free tutoring with your library card!  Homework Louisiana is a free tutoring resource that offers live online tutoring and homework help K through basic college level.  Find out more about Homework Louisiana!  Need a little help completing your homework or research assignments?  World Book Online publishes authoritative, age-appropriate, and reliable educational materials for children and adults.  Access is free with your library card.  Get started with World Book today!  These are just a couple of our databases that can help you succeed.  To check out our many other offerings, please visit our Resources page.

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Don't Have a Library Card?

No problem!  If you are a student enrolled in a public school, you will automatically be issued a virtual Student eCard when school starts.  But as we mentioned, this only gets you access to our online resources.  To unlock the full potential of your library, you and your parent or guardian can apply for a full-access library card.  If you are not enrolled in a public school in Bossier Parish, you can still harness the power of your library by applying for a library card today!

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