The mission of Bossier Parish Libraries is to enrich, educate, and inspire our community by providing unique and welcoming physical and virtual environments in which open thought, innovation, and the sharing of ideas are encouraged.  Our vision is to support the changing needs of Bossier Parish by being a safe and inviting haven for all, fostering education and literacy, encouraging personal growth, inspiring curiosity, and building connections that strengthen our community.

Community Conversations

Tough Topics

After a series of community town hall meetings where we received feedback directly from our community members and library staff, our library administration and board of control worked together to create a community-focused strategic plan.  This is YOUR library, and as part of our commitment to serving YOU, Bossier Parish Libraries and the Louisiana Department of Health presented this series of community conversations on some tough topics.  Below you will find a summary of each session and a link to watch the recorded presentation.

What You Need to Know About the Opioid Epidemic

Session 1 - Addiction & Recovery

Presenters:  Christa Walker-Williams & Calyn Navarro
Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

This session explores access to addiction and recovery resources for youth and adults within our communities.

View Session 1 Recording


Session 2 - What You Need to Know About the Effects of Opioids

Presenter:  Natasha Seals, PharmD
Louisiana Department of Health/Office of Public Health-Bureau of Community Preparedness

This session touches on the importance of knowing when to use opioids and associated treatment effects. During this session, participants learn:  1) what is an opioid; 2) the difference between dependence and tolerance; 3) how to identify misuse patterns; 4) the importance of safe disposal and countermeasures; 5) how stigmas can impact treatment outcomes. The session also addresses how opioids impact the community and family unit.

View Session 2 Recording


Session 3 - (Part 1) Community Harm Reduction

Presenter:  Yolanda Duckworth, OPOC
Louisiana Department of Health/Office of Public Health-Bureau of Community Preparedness

The first part of this session provides an overview of the State's Office of Public Health Opioid Prevention program, awareness through outreach as well as shares information on prescription medication safety and disposal as a continued strategy to reduce opioid misuse and overdose.  

Session 3 - (Part 2) Overdose Prevention:  Naloxone Administration

Presenter:  Lloyd Abney, Community Outreach
Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

The second half of this session educates participants on the use and administration of the opioid overdose reversal medication, NARCAN.

View Session 3 Recording


Session 4 - Opioids in Rural Communities

Presenter: Rachel Jackson, MPA
Louisiana Ambulance Alliance

This session explores rural vs. urban healthcare disparities, challenges (and opportunities) for addressing the opioid epidemic in rural Louisiana, practical opioid safety tips, and rural resources for addiction and recovery.

View Session 4 Recording


Session 5 - Harm Reduction & Syringe Services Program

Presenter:  Hershey Krippendorf
Philidelphia Center

This session highlights the urgent need for harm reduction services in the state of Louisiana. According to the Louisiana Opioid Data and Surveillance System, drug deaths from 2019 to 2020 have increased by 70%. Syringe Service Programs can prevent the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C, reduce risks for overdose death with increased access to Naloxone, reduce needlestick injuries to first responders and sanitation workers; and provide access to treatment when a program participant is ready.

View Session 5 Recording