Welcome to Your Library

Welcome to your library.  We're here to help you!


Find Your Inspiration.

Bossier Parish Libraries has collections, programs, and services to inspire and help you fulfill your dreams.  You can even help to inspire others!


Satisfy Your Curiosity.

Bossier Parish Libraries has everything you need to satisfy your curious mind, from print books to eAudiobooks and streaming videos.  We can even help you to travel through time with our History Center time travel kits, or help you explore a new language with Spanish classes for adults and kids.  Want to learn more?  Join us on social media!


Support Your Education.

Bossier Parish Libraries has everything to help you on your educational journey from databases, to books, to phonics kits and STEAM-themed backpack kits.  We even have telescopes, laptops, and WiFi hotspots!  Ready to get started?  Get a library card!


Envision Your Future.

We're building a new Central Library so we can continue meeting your needs today and meet your needs in the future.  Our new, larger building will feature spaces you asked for, such as a large-capacity community meeting space, spaces for teens and children, and new technologies.  We will celebrate the past with an exciting new History Center that will feature interactive exhibits and create a destination attraction for locals and tourists alike.  Want to stay up-to-date with this exciting project, including when it will open?  Stay tuned!