Who Are We?

Our Community Engagement Department is comprised of two Community Engagement Librarians.

What Do We Do?

Together, we engage the community by getting outside our library walls and bringing library services directly to the community by developing partnerships with local businesses and other community organizations and participating in various community events throughout Bossier Parish.

  • We deliver books to library users who are homebound through our BPL Delivers service
  • We act as a liaison between the library and Bossier Schools
  • We work with library administration to evaluate and create library services and policies to better meet the needs of our community
  • We manage library marketing and social media
  • We attend various community events both to advocate for the library and also to support our community
  • We bring library materials and activities to local community groups (after school programs, nursing homes, schools, treatment facilities, etc.)
  • We support local businesses by using them as host sites for book clubs
  • We serve as the official media contact for the library

Why Do We Do It?

Our goal in Community Engagement is to not only improve and enrich services to our existing patrons, but to also learn about the unique needs of underserved individuals and communities within Bossier Parish, and to then work with library staff and other community organizations to develop and/or evolve library services to meet those needs.

CE Mission

Where Can You Find Us?

We participate in many local community events.  Some of our regular events are book clubs, Bossier Night Market, Bossier City Farmer's  Market, East Bank Market, Geek'd Con, i3 Art Expo, SBC Zombie Walk, Bloom Festival, Twilight Talkies at Norton Art Gallery, daycare and school visits, after school programs, Red River Wildlife Refuge Story Trail, and more.

Community Engagement

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.