Bye Bye OverDrive, Hello Libby!

OverDrive is saying goodbye to their OverDrive app. The Libby App will be the primary way to access digital materials including eBooks and eAudiobooks.

As of February 2022, OverDrive has removed the OverDrive app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. It will remain in the Amazon App Store for the time being.


Why the change?

OverDrive has been developing and refining the Libby app for years with a focus on usability, functionality, and awesome features for accessing digital materials. Libby provides an enhanced user experience!


Libby Intro

OverDrive? OverDrive App? Libby App? 

Yep, it’s a little confusing. OverDrive is the name of the company that provides Bossier Parish Libraries with a digital reading platform, which is now called Libby. Through the OverDrive service, you can access ebooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines. You can access the OverDrive digital collection in the following ways:

Libby Mobile App: Available on Android and iOS devices, this is the newest app from OverDrive. Search for Bossier Parish Libraries within the app and get started today.

Libby browser experience: Enjoy many of the same features of the Libby mobile app in a web browser.

OverDrive App: This is the legacy app that OverDrive is phasing out and replacing with the Libby app. All the materials that were available through the OverDrive app are also available within the Libby app.

Direct Website Access:  You can access Bossier Parish Libraries' OverDrive materials via our participation in the Green/Gold Consortium.  


Already have the OverDrive app installed on your device? 

You can continue to use it! However, you will be actively encouraged to switch to Libby within the OverDrive app. OverDrive has a goal of transitioning most users over to Libby app by the end of 2022.


Don’t have either the OverDrive or Libby app? 

Search for and install the Libby app through your device's app store to start reading and listening today!

The OverDrive App will no longer be findable through most app stores.


Ready to get started?

Download the Libby App today and continue to get the most out of your Bossier Parish Libraries' card.  To learn more, see OverDrive's FAQ or contact us.


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