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History doesn't start with the present of how long Soumas Heritage Creole Creations began its Louisiana Creole ~ Cuisine Pre-packaged Food Mixes of Culture. It starts with the past of a proud generational ancestry! Soumas Heritage Creole Creations comes from a savory and bountiful pot of proud legendary cooks, domestic workers, business owners, professionals, clergyman & educators and just plain "Troux" South Louisiana folks! This heritage gumbo pot is simmered with connections of The Haitian Slave Trade, French and Irish Plantation settlements and a dash of Greek ancestry from whence we’re still not sure of its infusion!

Participating with purchases from Soumas Heritage Creole Creations you will hear the laughter from my grandmother Thelma as she always took the time to set a table of creativity and grace, while my Great-Grandma Bessie would have her everlasting, ever-so-aromatic blends of her Creole~Caribbean flavors simmering the block of 3718 Fourth St. in New Orleans, Louisiana. I certainly hope you get a chance to chat with my Grandpa Charlie as he comes in from the ship docks! – Ya see! He was a Chief Cook and Baker on a Merchant Marine Ship. Family stories say he had been around the world at least 4 times and was “highly” sought after for his unique Creole culinary skills! My great- grandmother Alberta could probably tell you a story or two since she was the head cook on the Mclhenny Family Plantation in the early 1900’s (The Tabasco Family!). This humble heritage would not be complete if you didn’t enjoy a strong cup of Creole coffee ~ chicory with my great-Aunt Ruby along with one of her signature New Orleans meals and a good story that will certainly make you laugh! Without their blessed memories Soumas Heritage Creole Creations could not exist! This Welcome Recipe History takes utmost pride in restoring their remembrance, stories, laughter, sorrows, folklores, & love of food, family & culture. Remembering……

“It’s ALL In The History!