Weekly Update - 10.26.22

It seems appropriate that National Black Cat Day is October 27th. It’s spooky season and only 4 days before Halloween, and with the superstitions that surround black cats, when else could the celebration of them be held?

But did you know that not all cultures view black cats as omens of bad luck? Ancient Egyptians worshiped the goddess, Bast, who was personified by a cat; she provided bountiful harvests, fertility, happiness, and protected the dead. In fact, it was a crime to injure or kill a cat of any color as they were considered sacred.

Apparently in Britain black ca... Read Full Blog

Student Success with Your Library

Are you getting ready to head back to school?  Don't forget your library card!  Whether you're a student or an educator, we've got you covered!  Read on to discover how your library card is the most important school supply of all.  With resources for students, educators, homeschool students & educators, and everyone else, your library is here to support your success.

For the Students

Did you know that all students enrolled in a public school in Bossier Parish automatically receive a Student eCard with us as part of our student success initiative? &n... Read Full Blog

An Open Love Letter to Our Community

Dear Bossier Parish,

Bossier Parish Libraries was created by the people within this parish, and for our community.  This month marks our 81st year as your library.  We have grown together with you over these years and we are proud to call this community our home.  There have been ups and downs and it hasn’t always been easy, but no one promised us it would be.  Together we have seen the development of library buildings, the expansion of our city, the emergence of technology, and the growth of our population.  Through it all, we have continued to adapt to m... Read Full Blog

Be a Library Ambassador

Love the library and want to let others know it? Become a library ambassador!

The mission of Bossier Parish Libraries is to enrich, educate, and inspire our community by providing unique and welcoming physical and virtual environments in which open thought, innovation, and the sharing of ideas are encouraged. Our vision is to support the changing needs of Bossier Parish by being a safe and inviting haven for all, fostering education and literacy, encouraging personal growth, inspiring curiosity, and building connections that strengthen our community.

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Bye Bye OverDrive, Hello Libby!

OverDrive is saying goodbye to their OverDrive app. The Libby App will be the primary way to access digital materials including eBooks and eAudiobooks.

As of February 2022, OverDrive has removed the OverDrive app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. It will remain in the Amazon App Store for the time being.


Why the change?

OverDrive has been developing and refining the Libby app for years with a focus on usability, functionality, and awesome features for accessing digital materials. Libby provides an enhanced user experience... Read Full Blog

Baller Budget Bites: Upgrade Your Ramen

Sometimes nothing beats a classic bowl of ramen, am I right?  Whether you prefer it with eggs or chicken, or anything in between, we've got you covered for whatever suits your budget and tastebuds.

Make It a Meal

Ramen is a great snack, but it's a better meal.  Fill out your ramen by adding some protein to your bowl.

Try poaching an egg!  Cook your ramen according to the package instructions.  Remove the pot from heat, then crack a raw egg into the noodles.  Don't stir!  Cover with a lid for 1-2 minutes, then enjoy.

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New Library Projects FAQs

New Central Library & History Center Complex Project

On October 22, 2020, the Library Board of Control approved plans to move forward on the construction of a new Central Library & History Center complex.

Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions...

What will be different about the new library?

Our new library building will feature much-needed spaces such as a large-capacity multi-functional community meeting space as well as designated spaces for teens and children. We also look forward to an exciting new history center that will feature ... Read Full Blog


Reopening & Hours of Operation Are you open? / What are your hours?
All library locations open to the public.  Library staff are available to answer phones Monday-Saturday, beginning at 9am.  Buildings are open and curbside pickup service is available at all locations Monday-Thursday, 10am-8pm, Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm, and 10am-5pm on Saturday. (Note: Our Plain Dealing & Tooke Branches are closed on Saturdays)
  Am I required to wear a face covering to visit the library?  No.  Effective October 27, 2021, in a... Read Full Blog

Library @ Home

Did you know that with your library card and internet access you can download eBooks, listen to audiobooks, stream movies, read the latest magazines, learn a new language, listen to music, brush up on your photography skills, work on craft projects, learn hand lettering, and much more free and from the comfort of your own home! We even have online tutorials to teach you how to use these online resources!

First things first, do you have a library card with us?  If so, awesome!  Your library card already offers you access to our full array of online resources.  I... Read Full Blog

ACT & SAT Test Prep Resources

Gale Courses, Homework Louisiana, and Learning Express offer extensive online test prep resources but we also have a large selection of books & other resources to assist with SAT & ACT Test Prep.  Access to these resources is free with your library card.


Gale Courses

Gale Courses offers a wide range of highly interactive, instructor led courses that you can take entirely online.  Courses run for six weeks and new sessions begin every month.

SAT/ACT Prep Course (part 1) - Reading, Writing, English, &... Read Full Blog

Curbside Pickup Service

Available during regular operating hours at all Bossier Parish Libraries locations How Does it Work? Use the MY ACCOUNT feature to place a hold on an item; OR, you can place holds via our mobile app; OR, call any of our locations and staff will be happy to place holds for you. Receive notification that your hold is available for pickup. Drive to the location you chose as your pickup location. Park in the designated curbside pickup space. Call us and we'll bring your items out to you!  You have 3 business days to pick up your holds before we move to the next person on the ... Read Full Blog

2022 Tax Information

We know you came here because you have one important question...  

Will the library offer free tax preparation assistance this year?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no.  Usually we have volunteers from AARP come in to provide the free tax preparation.  They do not have enough manpower to continue to offer this service.  So here's what we've done to help you with your tax self-preparation.

Tax Forms

We have paper copies of basic tax forms available at some of our locations.  Give your preferred branch a cal... Read Full Blog

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

What is it?

A reading program designed for infants through preschoolers to promote early literacy and kick start early education and set them up for success once they begin school.  This free program allows parents the opportunity to share books every day with their child.  Reading to or with your child daily helps them develop the pre-reading skills necessary for them to be successful readers in kindergarten.  The goal is to read 1000  books before beginning kindergarten.  The program is ongoing and will not end until your child reaches his/her goal or the child... Read Full Blog

A Quick Guide for Evaluating Information

What is Information Literacy?

The American Library Associate defines information literacy as the ability to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information."

But how do you know the information you are locating and using is valid and reliable information?

Need help determining facts from fiction?  Let us help.

Consider the Source

Who is providing the information?  Click away from the article to investigate the site, company info, and its mission--look for an "about" section ... Read Full Blog

Reading Tips for Parents

Show your child how you read every day for fun and work.

Point out to your children the printed words in your home.

Encourage your child to read independently in his or her own way.

Talk to your child as if he or she is already a reader.

Make reading fun using different voices for different characters.

Talk about the book you are reading with your child.

Ask questions.

Choose a quiet spot for you and your child to read.

Read aloud at least 15 minutes each day to your... Read Full Blog