Dear Mr. President, 1942

Two weeks ago, we featured kids, the fifth graders of Mrs. Bonvillion’s class at Bossier Grammar School, who were making a difference during World War II. They collected the waste fats and tin cans that were needed to make munitions for the armed services. The children posed for a photo in 1944, a copy of which is in our History Center collections, showing them holding a banner that said, “We Brought the GREASE to Write the PEACE.” Here’s another story from our collections of a Bossier City youngster doing her part, and making her voice known, for the war effort.


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Winning World War II from the Kitchen

In the archives of the Bossier Parish Libraries History Center is a 1944 photograph of Mrs. Bonvillion’s fifth grade class at Bossier Grammar School (now Bossier Elementary School). The students proudly hold a banner that proclaims, “We brought the GREASE to write the PEACE.” They brought waste fats and tin cans that were needed to make munitions for the armed services during World War II.

Schools were not the only places in which kitchen fats were collected. Lettie VanLandingham was Bossier Parish’s Home Demonstration Agent through the Depression, WWII and into the 195... Read Full Blog

Gliding into Normandy, 80 Years Later, Part II: Bennie Matlock

The invasion of Normandy began 80 years ago on June 6, 1944, with the risky and unprecedented Allied landings from the air and sea, known as “D-Day.” In addition to the beach landings of amphibious craft, and the airborne troops who parachuted behind enemy lines, minimally supplied and scattered from each other, supplies and troops landed courtesy of newly-minted gliders and glider pilots. The Bossier Parish Libraries History Center is fortunate to have oral history interviews with two Bossier veterans who landed on D-Day, silently and partially under cover of dark and clouds, in motorless,... Read Full Blog

Gliding into Normandy, 80 Years Later, Part I: James Larkin

It is the 80th anniversary (June 6th) of the D-Day landing in Normandy France, marking 80 years since the celebrated and unprecedented beach landings of Operation Neptune and the ensuing battles of Operation Overlord. Supplies and troops also landed courtesy of newly-minted glider pilots who flew unarmed, motorless glider planes into landing zones, often in the dark, deep into enemy territory to clear the way for the rest of the battle for Normandy.

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Time Stands Still for Old South Bossier Home

 Along Highway 71 in south Bossier stands a home that seems somewhat out of place. Part of no neighborhood, it’s located in a field not far from Walker Place Park and the Brookshires Grocery Arena with majestic, white columns and a brick façade. I’ve long been curious about the home’s history, and apparently others have too, as evidenced by a recent email to the History Center asking about the place.



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Larry Freeman and the Jewish Journal

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, an annual recognition and celebration of American Jews' achievements and contributions to the United States of America. Here’s a fun fact for that month. The second largest Jewish newspaper in the state of Louisiana, the Jewish Journal, was once published in ‘old downtown’ Bossier City, a.k.a. “the East Bank.” A warning though – some of this story is absolutely not fun, due to the world news that the Jewish Journal was diligently and urgently relaying outside Nazi-occupied Europe as the events unfolded, the Nazi persecution of Jews.

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New Child and Teen Library Cards

Parents or guardians of youth ages 17 and under with Bossier Parish Library cards will need to visit a BPL library location to update the permissions on their child and teen library cards.

These changes to youth cards are a result of Louisiana Revised Statute 25:225. The statute, which was passed during the 2023 Louisiana legislative session, says that libraries must have a procedure in place for preventing youth from checking out items that its community says are inappropriate for youth.

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Lt. Edward F. Teague: A Brave Pilot with a Brave Family

Decoration Day will be here soon, the last Monday in May. Three years after the Civil War ended, in 1868. Maj. Gen. John A. Logan, the head of the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union veterans, established Decoration Day as a time to decorate the graves of their war dead with flowers, already a springtime tradition in several communities, both the North and South. Logan chose the date of May 30th because, some say, it was a time flowers would be in bloom all over the country. Over time, the day became Memorial Day, a day to honor all those who died in service to our nation.<... Read Full Blog

A Cultural Exchange: When the Indrani Dance Troupe Came to Bossier City, 1961

May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month to celebrate the contributions that generations of AAPIs have made to American history, society, and culture. When the Indrani Dance Troupe of India came to Bossier City in November, 1961, Indrani and her fellow dancers and musicians intended to share Indian dance and culture with the Ark-La-Tex. Instead, the shortened visit put the spotlight of the world on the customs of Northwest Louisiana during the time of “Jim Crow” racial segregation. 

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POW/MIA Bracelets: Wearable Prayers on Behalf of a Vietnam POW

POW/MIA Bracelets: Wearable Prayers on Behalf of a Vietnam POW

Tomorrow, May 2nd, is the National Day of Prayer. Here is the story of an artifact in our collection that, to its honoree, represented a prayer in physical form. This plain yet striking item is a metal Vietnam-era POW/MIA bracelet engraved simply with the name, “William W. Butler” and the date, “11/20/1967.”

This bracelet belonged to Janis Alexander Gauthier of Bossier City. She and her soon-to-be husband, Bobby Gauthier, who had served as a survival skills trainer to pilots headed to Vietnam, each had bracelets. (B... Read Full Blog

Anna P. Tooke Memorial Library Branch: Worth the Wait

Until the past few weeks when the new Bossier Central Complex Library opened in Bossier City, the newest building in the Bossier Parish library system was the Koran community’s Anna P. Tooke Memorial Library, a modern building nestled in the woods close to Lake Bistineau. This lovely building had come a long way from the original Koran community branch library, the system’s southernmost branch, which was a parked, defunct, converted-Ford bookmobile, that provided no seating, toilets, heat or reliable cooling, and was located on an old dumpsite.


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Summer Experience 2024

You may be more familiar with the term "summer reading program."  We don't feel like "summer reading program" really captures the full scope of what we do here at Bossier Parish Libraries over the summer.  With dozens of innovative programs and events happening for all ages, your summer at Bossier Parish Libraries really is much more than reading--it's an experience!


How do I sign up?

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Routine Task for Deputy Turns Tragic at Bossier Parish Plantation

The March, 1954 issue of Louisiana Peace Officer, the journal of the Louisiana Peace Officers Association, contains an article paying tribute to two local men killed in the line of duty. The author of the article writes, “… Louisiana law enforcement has suffered its worst blow in the memory of its oldest officers.” That “worst blow” left the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Department and the Shreveport Police Department each asking, “why?” It also underscored how, for those of the thin blue line, even a routine assignment can turn deadly.

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May Day, A Celebration of Spring and Health

Spring has “sprung” here in Bossier Parish. The azaleas and other blossoms, and all the bright greenery to go with the purples and pinks, are looking lovely, and it’s comfortably warm and breezy. This transformation is worth celebrating. With the holiday of May Day, people have done so from ancient to more recent times, across the globe and here in Bossier Parish.


May Day began from ancient, pagan Scandinavian and Celtic traditions celebrating the arrival of spring, and both derived from ancient Roman practices. Villagers would go “a-Maying,” picking flowers and s... Read Full Blog

Henry L. Aulds, Jr. Branch Library - The Silver Lining of a Family’s Tragic Loss

The Bossier Parish Library’s South Bossier branch still has a small-town or neighborhood feel, but it has grown tremendously since it opened in the Shady Grove neighborhood in 1971 with 1, 200 square feet of space, with the limited hours of 2-6pm Mon -Friday. The branch opened in October, 1971 on land donated by Bossier City and was named in memory of Henry L. Aulds, Jr., a Bossier Parish Police Juror, whose efforts were instrumental in its existence.

Aulds died suddenly in September, 1970, at the age of 42, suffering a heart attack while on a dove hunting trip. He live... Read Full Blog