2022 Tax Information

We know you came here because you have one important question...  

Will the library offer free tax preparation assistance this year?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no.  Usually we have volunteers from AARP come in to provide the free tax preparation.  They do not have enough manpower to continue to offer this service.  So here's what we've done to help you with your tax self-preparation.

Tax Forms

We have paper copies of basic tax forms available at some of our locations.  Give your preferred branch a call ahead of time to see if they have the forms you need.

You can also view and print tax forms directly from the IRS and Louisiana Department of Revenue websites.


Your Income Tax 2021



J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2022
prepared by the J.K. Lasser Institute

Step-by-step expert guidance walks you through the forms, calculations, and deadlines to help you file your taxes without the headaches. New changes including tax laws, IRS rulings, court decisions, and more are explained in plain English, backed by examples of how they apply to individual taxpayers like yourself. Explore your options in terms of deductions, income shelters, and planning strategies to maximize your savings and keep more of your money—without wading through volumes of dense tax code. This comprehensive yet accessible guide is your handbook for making your tax filing for 2021 easier than you thought possible.

Tax Savvy for Small Business



J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions & Tax Breaks 2022
prepared by the J.K. Lasser Institute

Hands-on and practical advice for everyday taxpayers getting ready to file their 2021 taxes. On top of info about the latest changes to the tax code, you'll get worksheets and forms you can use to file your taxes. You'll also find the most current advice on how to maximize your deductions and credits and keep as much money in your pocket

Every Airbnb Host's Tax Guide



Every Airbnb Host's Tax Guide
by Stephen Fishman

Short-term rental hosts are entitled to many valuable deductions and other tax benefits. This book shows rental hosts how to take all the deductions to which they are entitled, pay no more tax than is legally required, and stay out of trouble with the IRS. The new edition has full coverage all the tax changes brought about by the Coronavirus relief legislation passed by Congress, including new sick leave and family leave tax credits for self-employed hosts, employee retention credit, and tax-free treatment of landlord PPP loans. These new tax breaks can save hosts thousands.

Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide



Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide
by Stephen Fishman

One of the biggest benefits of owning rental property is the many tax write-offs available to residential landlords. Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide shows small residential landlords how to take advantage of all the tax deductions they are entitled to. It covers this complicated area of tax law in easy-to-understand language using lots of examples, and covers all the key changes for landlords under the new tax laws. This book covers the latest tax laws, including the rules for deducting a net operating loss (NOL) and claiming an NOL refund. Learn about landlord tax classifications, reporting rental income, hiring workers, and depreciation.

Tax Deductions for Professionals



Tax Deductions for Professionals (published 2022)
by Stephen Fishman

Professionals are entitled to lots of tax deductions which can save them lots of money--if they take advantage of them. There are also key tax advantages related to business entity choice for professionals under the tax laws. This book explains everything professionals need to know to make sure they understand the best business entity choice for them and all the deductions they are entitled to take, including new and important deductions and tax benefits and revisions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The book is organized into practical, easy-to-understand categories of the most commonly-used business deductions. It includes lots of interesting and relevant examples so readers can see how the deductions work and the context they come up in. It covers start-up expenses, the 20% pass-through deduction, health care costs, continuing education, professional fees, home office, and more.

Stand Up to the IRS



J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2022
prepared by the J.K. Lasser Institute

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource offers a complete overview of small business tax planning and provides you with the information needed to make tax-smart decisions throughout the year. Focusing on strategies that help you use deductions and tax credits effectively, shield business income, and maximize other aspects of small business taxes, this practical guide will show you how your actions in business today can affect your bottom line from a tax perspective tomorrow.

Free Online Tax Prep


MyFreeTaxes.com brought to you by United Way and H&R Block

Not afraid to prepare your own taxes?  MyFreeTaxes makes filing easy!  United Way has partnered with H&R Block to offer their premium online federal and state tax preparation service, for free, to every household with a simple return.

Free Tax Preparation Services


Not quite comfortable preparing your own taxes?  No problem!  VITA provides free federal and state tax preparation for individuals who made $58,000 or less last year.  How it works:  taxes are prepared by IRS certified volunteers at strategic locations throughout Northwest Louisiana.  For a full list of locations and hours, visit UnitedWay.  IMPORTANT! There are required documents to bring when getting your taxes filed. Click here to view and print the checklist.


The following locations will operate as a VITA site during the 2022 tax season.  Masks are required at all locations, and some will require temperature checks.  All sites are by appointment only, so please call ahead for hours of operation and to set up an appointment.

Caddo Community Action Agency - David Raines
1625 David Raines Road, Shreveport, Louisiana

Caddo Community Action Agency - St. Vincent
4055 St. Vincent Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana

Caddo Community Action Agency - Lakeside
1729 Ford Street, Shreveport, Louisiana

Creighton Hill - Great St. Paul Baptist Church
510 High Street, Minden, Louisiana

Highland Center Ministries - Highland Center
520 Olive Street, Shreveport, Louisiana

Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church - Sadie's Arms, Inc.
5340 Jewella Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana

New Horizons Independent Living Center
1701 North Market, Shreveport, Louisiana

Southern Hills Recreation Center - AARP
1002 W. Bert Kouns Ind. Loop, Shreveport, Louisiana

Barksdale Air Force Base - ACTIVE MILITARY
2nd Bomb Wing Tax Center, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana

For the sites listed below, YOU prepare your federal & state return.  Gross income must be under $73,000.  Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.  Computer, printer, WiFi, & tax coach are provided free of charge.

Red River Council on Aging
1825 Front Street, Coushatta, Louisiana

Baptist Bible Fellowship
8900 Kingston Road, Shreveport, Louisiana

Governmental Agencies


Internal Revenue Service falls under the US Department of the Treasury.  

  • Federal tax filing information here.


Louisiana Department of Revenue serves as the tax collection agency for the state of Louisiana.

  • State tax filing informaiton here.