FAQs About WiFi

There are two ways to print while connected to Wi-Fi.

First, you can utilize our Wi-Fi Printing route by downloading and installing a temporary printer driver onto to your Window or MacBook device. Go here for download details on Wi-Fi Printing. Or you can our newest route called Mobile Printing and print from any device, including Internet-accessible smartphones and tablets. Go here for details on how to print using a link or the PrinterOn app. Please note that standard printing fees apply for both.

You sure can and here's how:

  • Navigate to our website at http://www.bossierlibrary.org and click on myBPL from the main menu to log into your library card account.
  • From the library's home page, you can also access research databases from the left-hand column under the Research & Homework section or you can click on Research from the main menu.

Due to the variety of laptops, notebooks and other electronic equipment on the market, library staff are not able to help patrons/guests to configure or troubleshoot personal devices or even library-borrowed devices.

Only if you desire to become a long-term Wi-Fi user. In that case, his/her Bossier Parish Library card account must be in good standing. Guests/visitors in need of short-term access do not need a BPL library card. Please note that anyone with a BPL card in bad standing will not intentionally be allowed onto Wi-Fi until their account has been cleared.

Most users can bring their wireless-enabled laptop/notebook computer to the Library and turn it on.

  • If you are a visitor/guest, who only needs short-term Wi-Fi access, please follow our directions on "How to Login As a Guest" available here.
  • If you an active Bossier Parish Library cardholder with an account in good standing and you are in need of long-term Wi-Fi access, please follow our Registered User directions available here.

Click on the New Wi-Fi User Registration form online available here.

We strongly prefer that users only log into Wi-Fi on one device at any given time. If a Registered User attempts to connect to multiple devices, the system will automatically revoke access to the previous device.

There is no charge for using our Wi-Fi service.

There are number of reasons why a guest user could be blocked from Wi-Fi access - excessive bandwidth use, viewing inappropriate materials, or the system has discovered you are a BPL card holder with an account in bad standing, or just to name a few. If you feel your block was in error, please speak with the branch manager.

Complete our Wi-Fi User Reauthorization Form available here.

If you need to update your Wi-Fi account information like your name, street address, email address, etc., please visit http://account.meraki.com/account/account_login.

 There is a waiting period for new and returning registered Wi-Fi user accounts.

There are a number of reasons why as a registered user your account could be blocked, such as:

When your Wi-Fi account is authorized, we match it as closely as possible to the same number of remaining days (or weeks) on your library card account. Once your library card expires, your Wi-Fi account will expire soon thereafter. Renewing your library card does not automatically renew your Wi-Fi account. To renew your Wi-Fi, you must complete the Wi-Fi User Reauthorization Form.

Our Wi-Fi system does have the capability to check your Windows laptop for antivirus software. Per our Wireless Network Access Policy, "the Library reserves the right to deny access to any device that poses a security threat to our network."

Per our Wireless Network Access Policy, the Library’s Wi-Fi is unencrypted and its use thereof is at the customer’s discretion. Please be aware that the public wireless net-work is not secured and any information sent to or from your equipment can be captured by untrusted parties on the same network. Cautious and informed wireless users should choose not to transmit personal information, such as credit card numbers, pass-words, and any other sensitive information, while using an unse-cured Wi-Fi connection.

Per our Wireless Network Access Policy, the use of our free Wi-Fi service offered by BPL is governed by the Library’s Internet Policy and filtered according to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) regulations.

The bandwidth speed varies depending on overall network usage. Per the Wireless Network Access Policy, "The library reserves the right to limit bandwidth on a per-device or a per wireless network basis."

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) allows you to connect to the Internet without wires using your own portable device such as a laptop/notebook.

Currently, there are two wireless avenue for library patrons and guests - "BPL_Guest" and "BPL_Public". Library cardholders in good standing can create their own Wi-Fi login so he/she can exclusively logged into "BPL_Public", whereas library guest and other visitors, who need short-term access can log into "BPL_Guest". At the bottom of the page are instructional handouts indicating how to login as a guest or become a registered user.