Book Club (ages 18+)

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Program Type: Book Club
Age Group: 18 and above

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Discussion this month is about the book The Unseeing, by Anna Mazzola.  

What would stop you from saving your own life? Something is keeping Sarah Gale silent despite the risk of a death sentence. Is it guilt? Fear? Love? Sentenced to hang for her alleged role in a shocking murder, Sarah confounds the young lawyer asked to examine her guilty verdict. She says she is innocent, but she refuses to explain the evidence given in court -- the evidence that convicted her. Battling his own demons, Edmund Fleetwood is determinded to find the truth -- and to uncover why Sarah will not talk. Darkness hides in Sarah's past, Edmund is certain, but surviving on the streets of London often means that one has to make difficult choices. Does it matter what else she has done, if she is innocent of murder? As the day of execution draws closer, Edmund struggles to discover whether she is the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice, or a dangerous and devious criminal. Bringing 1837 London alive in the most visceral way, The Unseeing is a tense novel of human frailty and fear -- and of the terrible consequences of jealousy and misunderstanding.

Please pick up a copy of the  book at the Circulation Desk.

Refreshments will be served.