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Summer Experience 2019

What is Summer Experience?

You may be more familiar with the term "summer reading program."  We decided to change the name of our summer program because we felt that "summer reading program" didn't really capture the full scope of what we do here at Bossier Parish Libraries over the summer.  With dozens of innovative programs and events happening for all ages, your summer at Bossier Parish Libraries really is much more than reading--it's an experience!

When is it?

May 24-July 31.  Registration is NOW OPEN.  You can begin logging your reading hours May 24 and the last day to log your reading time is July 31.

Who can participate in BPL's Summer Experience program?

Babies.  Toddlers.  Preschoolers.  Children.  Teens.  Adults.  Everyone!  Reading is important for everyone in the community, regardless of age, and reading is a skill that grows with practice throughout a lifetime.  It's free, easy to do because you read whatever you like at your own pace, and it's a fun, easy, and zero-risk way of showing your support for your local library and its services.  Everyone is encouraged to participate--we have programs and rewards for all ages from 0-100+  Ages zero and up...really?  Yes, really!  If your child is too young to read, the books you read to them count!

Is a library card required to participate?  Nope.  Everyone is welcome to join us...the only time you'll need a library card is to check out library materials.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your branch and register online (registration opens April 22).  This will be the branch where you claim your prizes so choose the best option for you.
  2. Keep track of your reading time by logging hours (online or through the app).  If you don't have access to a smart-device or Internet, simply use a paper reading log you can get from your chosen branch.
  3. Get prizes when you meet reading goals!

What are my reading goals?

  • Ages 0-5 (Read-to-Me Readers)
    • Half Goal = 2 hours
    • Full Goal = 4 hours
    • Can continue up to next level (8 hours) for a bonus prize
  • Ages 6-12 (Independent Readers)
    • Half Goal = 4 hours
    • Full Goal = 8 hours
    • Can continue up to next level (12 hours) for a bonus prize
  • Ages 13-18 (Teen Readers)
    • Half Goal = 6 hours
    • Full Goal = 12 hours
    • Can continue up to next level (16 hours) for a bonus prize
  • Ages 18+ (Adult Readers)
    • Half Goal = 8 hours
    • Full Goal = 16 hours
    • Can continue up to next level (20 hours) for a bonus prize

How do I claim my prize?

Once you have met your half or full goal you will be notified online or through the app.  Simply stop by your chosen branch to pick up your prize.
(If you don't have access to the app or internet, simply bring your paper log into your chosen branch to claim your prize)

What books am I required to read?

Anything!  You can read any books you'd like.  And yes, audiobooks count.  Audiobooks aren't cheating.  Let's say it again, once more with feeling...AUDIOBOOKS AREN'T CHEATING.  You know what else isn't cheating?  Graphic novels...that's right, we said it.  Parents, guardians, caregivers...lend me your ears...that Goodnight Moon you've read for the 437th time in a row?...yep, that counts too!  Keep track of the time you spend reading to others, and log it on your own account beause that counts toward your own reading goals too.  Everybody rejoice! 

      Why are summer library programs important?

      Summer library programs encourage children, youth, and families to read.  Traditionally summer reading programs are designed to encourage elementary-aged children to keep reading during summer vacation.  Preventing the "summer slide" continues to be the main objective of our summer library program.  For many families with elementary-aged children, the public library is the only community space available during the summer months where they can access free educational and cultural enrichment activities and programs.

      Benefits of summer library programs for children include:

      • Children are motivated to read.  Reading for fun during the summer helps children maintain or improve their skills so that they are ready to start school again in the fall.
      • Children develop positive attitudes about reading books, and the library by giving them rewards for meeting reading goals.
      • Children maintain their reading skills during summer break from school.  Studies have shown that children who read during the summer are more able to maintain their reading skills and that children who see their parents read, or who read with their parents, generally score higher on standardized tests.
      • Children have access to experiences that further their sense of discovery.
      • Children have access to experiences through which they can learn to work cooperatively.

      Watch this quick video to learn about the summer slide and how to keep your kids learning!


      How do I sign up?

      Register online here or copy and paste the following link in your browser:
      You can also download the ReadSquared app (available for free in the Apple or Google Play store) to register and track your reading hours.  If you don't have access to the Internet, a smart phone, or have trouble registering, you can stop in at your local branch and they can help you.  Keep in mind that the branch you choose will be the branch you will log your reading hours for, and will visit to claim your prizes, so choose the branch that is most convenient for you.  NOTE:  If you participated in our summer program last year, and had an online account, your account still exists, you just need to log in and choose the correct age range to reactivate for Summer Experience.

      Join our Facebook Group for up-to-date Summer Experience news, programs, activities, and updates!

      Curbside Pickup Service

      Did you catch a ride on the struggle bus? We got you fam! We've all been there. Did your kid just fall asleep and you can't possibly risk waking them? Maybe you crushed it at leg day and now they're jelly. Maybe your kids have been little monsters all day and you don't want to be seen in public with them. Has it been one of those days and you just can't even? Maybe you have the flu and are going to be stuck in bed for the next 3 days and you really really want to catch up on Game of Thrones. Introducing Curbside Pickup at our Central, Aulds, and East 80 locations! If you're having a little trouble getting out of your vehicle for whatever reason, simply give us a call when you get here to pick up your hold and we'll bring it out to you! This service begins FEB 19 and will be offered as a 90-day trial and we need your feedback so let us know what you think!

      The Basics:

      • Service begins Februrary 19th as a 90-day trial at our Central, Aulds, and East 80 locations
      • To be ued for holds pick-up only with a limit of 10 items
      • Park in the reserved space, call the branch to let them know you're there to pick up your hold, and have your photo ID handy for verification by staff
      • Service ceases 30 minutes prior to closing to all staff to complete closing procedures
      • Give us feedback!  We hope to eventually offer this service at all of our locations so we are relying on your feedback to let us know what you think!  What works?  What doesn't?


      Evaluating News Sources

      Need help determining facts from alternative facts (aka: fiction)?  Let us help.

      Be aware of “fake news.”  What is fake news?  It isn’t news you disagree with—it is content generated by non-news organizations in order to generate an audience for paid advertisements or to spread unverified/untrue information.

      Take a look at these examples of fake news sites compiled by CBS.

      Also take a look at this Spotting Fake News video from

      What can you do?
      Be skeptical of any news that comes from third-party platforms (such as social media).

      Select news sources known for high-quality reporting—search those sources directly instead of settling for web search results or social media news feeds.

      Use fact checking sites, such as:

      And don’t forget, you can always ask your librarians for help sorting through fact or fiction…after all this is what we’re trained for!

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